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Welcome to my faculty profile.  My name is Brad Reed and I am a lead faculty in the Information Security / Information Technology programs.  I have been working in higher education for almost 10 years with 6 years as a systems administrator and 4 as a faculty member.  I came to Ohio by way of West Virginia for 3 years and lived in Missouri my entire life before WV.  I have worked for other major companies like ConAgra Foods and GE, and spent some time with smaller tech companies in central Missouri.  I am newly married to my best friend Jennifer (a full time RN), I have a 3 year old stepson, 3 dogs (1 new Great Dane puppy, 11 year old coon hound and a 5 year old Brittany Spaniel), 1 cat, and an 11 year old overo paint horse on 4 acres outside of the city.  I am currently working on the dissertation phase of my PhD in Information Technology.  My research is on the community that supports open source technologies.  I have a passion for open source and believe the community approach and sharing of knowledge is a fascinating approach to advancing technology and knowledge.

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  • M-F 9pm-4pm
  • Lead Faculty on ISEC300, ISEC350, ISEC425, ITEC350, ITEC400, MIS200
  • Mobile (call or txt) 614-918-8321
  • Brad.Reed@Franklin.edu
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