Faculty Profile

Dr. Daniel SewardDr. Daniel Seward is a Lead Faculty member in the Humanities and Communication Arts. His background in English rhetoric and composition includes serving in a number of academic roles for over a decade at institutions including Ohio Wesleyan University, California Lutheran University, and the University of Texas. He has presented at a number of conferences, including the International Society for the History of Rhetoric, the Rhetoric Society of America, Computers and Writing, and the Conference on College Composition and Communication. He coauthors the Scott, Foresman Writer (5th ed., Longman, 2011) and the Scott, Foresman Handbook for Writers (9th ed., Longman, 2011) with John Ruszkiewicz and Christy Friend.

Dr. Seward oversees and teaches the following courses:

  • WRIT 050: Basic Writing I
  • WRIT 060: Basic Writing II
  • WRIT 120: College Writing
  • WRIT 130: Research Paper
  • WRIT 320: Business and Professional Writing
  • WRIT 360: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • WRIT 460: Advanced Creative Writing

Dr. Seward also develops and maintains the Writing@Franklin website. Please visit!

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