Faculty Profile

Dr. Isidoro Talavera is a Philosophy Professor and Lead Faculty member responsible for introducing critical thinking throughout all curriculums, as well as creating and managing all of the University’s new philosophy¬†courses. Prior to coming to Franklin, Dr. Talavera taught for nearly 20 years in a variety of courses at both the high school and college levels in Central and North America. His teaching experience includes serving as a¬†distance education English Coordinator at Francisco Marroquin University, math coordinator at Colegio Metropolitano, math instructor at Del Valle University, philosophy instructor at the University of Missouri, business and professional ethics instructor at Lipscomb University, logic instructor at Tennessee State and Vanderbilt Universities, critical thinking and business math instructor at Nashville High-Tech Institute, and Assistant Professor teaching mathematics and critical thinking at Tennessee State. This expertise earned Dr. Talavera the 1999-2000 Burke Award for Teaching Excellence at Vanderbilt University. His Doctoral thesis at Vanderbilt University in the field of Philosophy is entitled Time and the Nature and Possibility of Knowledge.

  • Course Listing

    Philosophy: - Introduction to Philosophy - Introduction to Logic & Critical Thinking Skills - Introduction to Ethical Analysis & Reasoning - Ethics - Philosophy of Science - General Logic - Symbolic Logic - Epistemology - Metaphysics of Time

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