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Dr. Brent has built his professional career around the theme of assisting people toward the realization of their highest potential. He has done so in the roles of educator, counselor and executive coach.  As a college level educator, Dr. Brent has taught psychology based courses at North Central State College, Ohio University and Franklin University.  Since joining the Franklin University faculty in 1990, in addition to teaching responsibilities, he has chaired undergraduate programs in Employee Assistance Counseling and Individualized Studies and taken part in faculty governance as Chair of the Personnel Committee, and as a member of the Faculty Senate. From 2002 to 2006 to Dr. Brent was the coordinator and trainer for the for the MBA coaching program. During this time he prepared over 2,000 volunteer executives to support and challenge MBA students in pursuit of their professional development goals. He has also supported the Human Resources Department as a trainer and supervisor for the University’s internal mentoring program. His clinical work has focused on conducting psychological assessments for corporations and judicial systems, providing supervision and training for mental health therapists, and applying counseling interventions to assist adults with life transition issues and achievement of their personal and professional developments goals.

Academic preparation and activities for Dr. Brent include completion of interdisciplinary graduate studies in counseling, psychology and philosophy at Ashland and Ohio Universities, culminating in the award of the Ph.D. from Ohio University in 1990. He has also been published in academic journals, and presented at state and national conferences on topics such as qualitative research methodology, existential counseling theory and executive coaching. Dr. Brent has been a long term member of the Ohio and American Counseling Associations. He was the founding president of the Association for Spiritual, Ethical and Religious Values in Counseling, a subdivision of the Ohio Counseling Association, and served as a member of the Ohio Counseling Association’s Executive Council. Dr. Brent is licensed as a Supervising Clinical Counselor, is a Certified Professional Coach, and is a Registered Corporate Coach with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches.

Dr. Brent is currently chair of the B.S. in Applied Psychology Major and teaches, designs and supervises delivery of psychology-based courses for Franklin University. He is also active in the emergence of executive coaching as an academic discipline by serving as executive director and member of the founding board for the Graduate School Alliance for Executive Coaching.

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