Faculty Profile

Jonathan McCombs is an educator, former police officer and investigator, holds a Master‘s of Science in Criminal Justice and is currently in the dissertation phase of a PhD. in Criminal Justice.  An extensive career of over 20 years in public safety and higher education provided experience in narcotics investigations, intelligence analysis, anti-terror investigations, gun trafficking investigations, street patrol, campus law enforcement administration, higher education administration, and advanced training.  As an industry expert in the field of law enforcement, problem based learning, and online learning, Jonathan is currently the Criminal Justice Administration Lead Faculty at Franklin University.

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  • Upcoming Presentations

    July 8- Problem Based Learning in Public Safety Training. Webinar. Franklin University Lunch and Learn.

    August 22- Teaching Undergraduate Criminal Justice After Retirement. You will need a Master's Degree! Columbus Division of Police Training Academy, Hague Avenue.

    October 10-Innovative Higher Education Partnership for Public Safety degrees (Fire, EMS, and Criminal Justice), Ohio Association of Two Year Colleges Conference, Wright State University- Lake Campus.

  • Research and Publications In-Progress

    Miner-Romanoff, K., Chongwony, L. & McCombs, J.W. (2014). Interactive, Holistic, and Experiential Criminal Justice Learning Environments. IRB Application submitted.

    McCombs, J. W. (2014). Problem-Based Learning in Law Enforcement In-Service Training, Doctoral Dissertation. Topic Approved.

    McCombs, J. W. (2014). More Mayberry and Less Fallujah: A study of police militarization in the United States.

    McCombs, J. W. (2014). Teaching Criminal Justice at the Undergraduate Level: You will need a Master’s Degree!