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Dr. Keith Groff, a Fulbright Fellow Scholar, currently serves as Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Technology at Franklin University.

Here at Franklin University, Dean Groff has held several positions such as: Division of Arts & Sciences Chair, Program Chair, Organizational Communication Chair, and General Education Program Chair before accepting his present role.  Prior to the present role, Dean Groff has lived and taught in Brazil, Egypt, Jordan, and Hungary.  He has instructed courses that included the English Composition, Rhetoric and Technical Writing, Applied Linguistics which collaborated with teacher education programs, one in particular that was directed by the British Council.  He has served on multiple committees that have enhanced and impacted even that of dissertation and thesis preparation for foreign graduate students.  His teachings and level of academic experiences have provided resources to help provide structure to curriculum and teaching strategies.  A  more detailed list can be found under the Curriculum Vitae tab above.

Dr. Groff’s multiple publications and presentations have continued to help develop and implement leadership lessons for Franklin University.

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