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Dr. Kody Kuehnl recently was part of reintroducing 1700 endangered northern riffleshell mussels back into Ohio waters.  This is part of a 5 year project in partnership with The Ohio State University, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, USFWS, Ohio Fish and Wildlife, and the PA Boat and Fish Commission.  You can view several of the articles under the blogroll located in the sidebar.

Dr. Kody Kuehnl recently received a grant award from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s Endangered Species Great Lakes Restoration Initiative in March 2010. The title of the grant is “Conservation genetics of the endangered clubshell, (Pleurobema clava) and rayed bean (Villosa fabalis), host-fish identification of the rayed bean, and an investigation into potentially causative factors for absence of recruitment in the East Fork West Branch St. Joseph River population of clubshell.”

  • Current Courses

    • SCIE 101 Introduction to Chemistry
    • SCIE 112 Introduction to Human Biology
    • SCIE 114 Earth Science
    • SCIE 131 Environmental Science
    • SCIE 200 Science and Society
    • SCIE 225 Introduction to Microbiology
    • SCIE 300 Integrated Science
    • SCIE 480 Special Topics in Science
    • SCIE 499 Independent Study in Science
  • Research Interests

    My research focuses on the evolution, ecology, and conservation of aquatic organisms, particularly freshwater mussels; one of North America's most imperiled groups of animals.  My research has an applied component that focuses on a holistic approach to conservation encompassing identification (including systematics), restoration, and preservation while the theoretical component explores the broader issues underlying the applied research including the causes and effects of aquatic diversity, the role of evolutionary processes in shaping diversity, and the methods used to describe and explain diversity.