Faculty Profile

Dr. Chongwony has been a full time faculty member at Franklin University since March, 2008. During this time, Dr. Chongwony has contributed immensely towards the growth of the University as well as student learning and success through deployment of dynamic and innovative course design principles and methodology, effective teaching techniques, research and advanced assessment procedures. All these are geared to delivering solid student learning experiences and high quality curriculum that is adaptive to student needs and responsive to changes in society at large. Dr. Chongwony is constantly focused on ensuring that his courses are universally accessible to a diverse number of students and that they meet the needs of a post-industrial world.

Dr. Chongwony has a very rich diverse educational background and experience. He graduated with a PhD. in Instructional Technology & Design and a Master of Arts in International Affairs from Ohio University (The Bobcats), Athens. Dr. Chongwony also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies from Kenyatta University, Nairobi Kenya.

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