Dr. Mike’s Faculty Profile

facultyHi!  My name is Michael W. Posey, Ph.D.  I’m  the Program Chair for the Public Relations major, Program Chair for the Social Media major, and the Lead Faculty for Popular Culture and Interpersonal Communication.  I teach a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses and am always involved in something here on campus.  I’ve been at Franklin for over 15 years and during that time have held a variety of positions including being in charge of General Education and, most recently, being the Chair of the Division of Arts and Sciences.   I’ve written articles, presented at numerous conferences over the years, and have been a contributing editor to 2 textbooks.  I also consult, speak, and produce a podcast on the topics of communication, relationship building, and motivation.

I always try to find the good in everything and believe that every student has a journey and that the courses I develop and teach are but one stop on that journey.  My job is to make that journey a pleasant and an educational one for all involved.  My job is indeed to help you Finish, Advance, and Succeed!

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  • Course Listing

    PBRL 325 - Public Relations

    PBRL 425 - Crisis Communication

    PBRL 450 - Rhetoric & Social Influence

    HUMN 341 - Popular Culture

    HUMN 246 - Film Appreciation

    COMM 150 - Interpersonal Communication

    MCM 731 - (Graduate) Communication Theory


  • Interests

    Communicating & Relating

    Motivating Yourself and Others

    New Media/Communication Technologies

    Using Technology to  Teach Effectively

    Communicating in Virtual Environments