Faculty Profile


Dr. Reymann is Chair of the Business Administration, Management and Applied Management Programs. He has served as a faculty member at the university for fifteen years.

Additionally, Dr. Reymann has served as President and Executive Director for major non-profit agencies throughout Ohio. He is an active member of the Academy of Management where he has performed extensive peer-review of scholarly papers and attended international conferences in Montreal, Chicago and San Antonio.

Dr. Reymann’s primary research interests are in transformational leadership and organizational culture. He focuses on the interplay between effective or non-effective leadership, an organization’s culture and how these factors influence individual and organizational performance.

Dr. Reymann holds a doctorate degree in Organization and Management and an MBA. He is actively involved in community presentations on leadership, organizational culture and business ethics.


  • Course Listing

    • Business Ethics: BSAD 460
    • Organizational Behavior BSAD 325
  • Research Interests

      No research interests available at this time.