Faculty Profile

I am Wendell Seaborne, Ph. D., MBA Lead Faculty and Professor of Management with responsibility for:

MBA 711 – Business Environments

MBA 727 – International Business Management

MBA 741 – Strategic Management

MCM 737 – Marketing Communications Management & Leadership

BSAD 476 – Global Business Issues

Descriptions of these courses may be found at the end of my Curriculum Vitae page

I come to Franklin with academic experience in the Falls School of Business at Anderson University and industry experience with a major electric utility, Duke Energy-Indiana and its predecessor companies: Cinergy-PSI, PSI Energy, and Public Service Indiana..

Additionally, I have served my many communities where I have lived through not-for-profit service with around 40 different organizations. I have over 200 years combined service through this venue, with 16 of those years as the presiding officer, an additional 30 as an officer, and over 50 as a board member. Governors in both Kentucky and Indiana recognized my efforts with appointments as a Kentucky Colonel and as a Distinguished Hoosier.

My academic research and consulting interests lie in the field of developing leaders, implementing change, strengthening teams and strategy. Additionally, I enjoy public speaking on these and a host of topics. I have a great personal interest in genealogy.