Faculty Profile

Younghee Jessie Kong is a faculty member of Instructional Design and Performance Technology at Franklin University. She earned her Ph.D. degree in the Workforce Development and Education program at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

Her research interest lies primarily in the area of human resource development:

  • bridging the gap between HRD theory and practice,
  • applying adult learning theories to instructional systems design,
  • facilitating web-based curriculum and course materials in a timely-manner using a variety of  instructional methodologies and techniques,
  • assessing and evaluating training programs (specialization: financial benefit analysis),
  • conducting performance analysis for individual and organizational performance improvement, and
  • coordinating training programs to improve employees’ job skills, work environment, and motivation.
    • Course Listing

      • PF 321 – Learning Strategies
      • IDPT 610 - Principles of Instructional Design
      • IDPT 650 – Evaluation
      • IDPT 710 – Advanced Evaluation
    • Research Area

      • Instructional Systems Design
      • Training Evaluation
      • Web-based Training